How does the Bluetooth transmitter work?

The bluetooth transmitter is an easy to use, multifunctional and wireless device, it will easily listen to music from your stereo, TV or your computer with a Bluetooth headset or wireless speakers Bluetooth for example. In general, the transmitters connect on one side to an audio system via a 3.5 mm jack output and on the other it couples Bluetooth to any compatible device.

In practice, a few steps are enough to enjoy your music wirelessly with a Bluetooth audio transmitter .

If your system or amplifier has a powered USB port and a headphone output, simply connect the headphone output to the mini-jack input of the transmitter (a 6.35 mm jack to mini-jack adapter may be necessary), connect the transmitter to the USB port for power and start the Bluetooth connection with your headset. If there is no USB port, the Bluetooth transmitter can be powered by an external USB charger such as the one used to charge a mobile phone (5V / 500 mA or more).


In the absence of headphone output or for aesthetic reasons, you can also use an RCA type audio output on the back of the system or amp (this output can be called Line Out, Pre Out or Zone Out, depending on the devices). It will then use a RCA audio cable to mini-jack (sometimes supplied with the Bluetooth transmitter), or any model of your choice (SVD Pro Mini-Jack / RCA for example).

TaoTronics Bluetooth  Transmitter  and Receiver  :

The adapter itself is tiny. It measures about 4cm side and 1cm thick … Needless to say, it will be very easy to hide behind the AV amplifier or TV, without altering the Bluetooth transmission.

This small Bluetooth module Taotronics is great. Not only the finish is excellent and the device is tiny, but also and above all, it is really good job. In receiver mode, it turns any audio equipment into a Bluetooth-enabled system with disconcerting simplicity. In transmitter mode, this module can connect to two devices simultaneously, making it possible to connect two Bluetooth headsets to a TV for example, all with a low latency (non-existent actually) and Stereo Lossless (on compatible equipment ). The autonomy is enormous, the recharge very fast … I do not see any negative point.

The “More”:
+ Article quality, neat look
+ Audiophile with support for aptX
+ Signal Receiving / Bluetooth broadcast excellent
+ Low latency for use for watching movies
+ Up to two devices simultaneously, ideal with headphones
+ Connectors supplied complete
+ Light, discreet
+ Reasonable price


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